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Why with us

why-prabhkun services pvt ltdBasic service delivery isn’t enough to differentiate any web development firm in today’s competitive marketplace. Understanding not only our client’s web needs but their business needs have propelled Prabhkun Services beyond customer satisfaction to loyalty.

We have established a reputation for consistently delivering mission-critical, technically challenging projects under tight timelines, while also providing exceptional customer service and support to our clientele. This in turn has led to extremely positive long-term working relationships with both clients and solution partners alike.

 Understanding the client base: We attribute special emphasis to the needs and requirements of our clients. The likes and desires of patrons are unique. They want the best of the services and our in-house team of expert web developers spends ample time with the customers – even before starting the project. Once the requirements have been studied and analyzed thoroughly, the work begins. The clients are offered the flexibility to keep a tab on the progress of the work.

 Cost-Effective: While the competition tries to inflate the costs, we tend to keep it small so that it does not break your account.

 Keeping up with the latest “drifts”: It is a well-known fact that web design and development is a dynamic niche. The intelligent always come up with innovative methods and manners to gain a leading edge over the competition. Only the professed will have the leads to keep in touch with these developments and to implement it on the websites of the patrons. Please bear in mind that our in-house team of expert website designers have ample know-how (unlike the freelancers who are looking for methods to make a quick dime in the industry).

Our Work Flow Makes us Powerful

1. Discover: First, we listen to our clients. Successful relations always involve clear communication and understanding of the client’s needs. Then we study the customers, paying special attention not only to what they say, but how they behave.


2. Plan: Every project has many important business goals, with various levels of priority and difficulty stages. We carefully study all technical and content needs, and help our clients in prioritising everything into an actionable road map that can lead them to the next stages.


3. Invent: On this stage, solutions come into reality. In essence, we take our detailed understanding of clients and start solving their problems in a way that leverage the strengths of the business. We continue to discover competitive solutions as we define the conceptual design.


4. Define: Nowadays, most websites and services resemble complex software products, and require detailed definition before starting any development processes. On that stage we clarify every specific part of the projects.


5. Build: Depending on the client’s level of technical resources, our involvement in the development process can be minimal or comprehensive. Our technical capabilities include client- and server-side development and integrations and customisation of eCommerce platforms and content management systems.


6. Deploy: We make sure that all project tasks are completed before they launch. All quality assurance and testing processes are conducted within our testing environment. When the development is complete, we work with the client’s IT department to deploy and launch the project at a live production environment.


7. Manage & Grow: It’s not always possible, or reasonable, to do everything at one stage. We work with clients to complete the most important stages first, and provide plans for how projects may grow in the future evaluating the effectiveness of designs and building on their success, increasing their ROI.